OUR SERVICES Crane Concepts produces 3 dimensional presentations that represent a realistic representation of what the final project, once constructed, will look like. These presentations are computer renderings that can be viewed on computers and eliminate the need to build actual physical models.  The viewer has the ability to control the presentation and travel throughout the space at will and move up or down and right to left.   A rendering can accurately convey the emotion of a design space.     Once our construction plan documents are completed they will then be submitted to the appropriate jurisdictions as well as any applicable HOA’s. At the option of our client, we can coordinate the entire review process, no matter, how involved it is.      The types of coordination we provide is home plan approvals and subdivision plat approvals.    Our design service includes basic revisions to meet permit approvals.    Crane Concepts offers computer aided drafting (CAD) services for both residential. We produce construction plan documents for both new construction and remodeling projects.  We are familiar with CAD drafting standards as required by most jurisdictions and Home Owners Associations. Once plans are submitted we will coordinate our plans to meet all approvals.    Crane Concepts designs all architectural styles of residences. We provide such designs for remodels, additions and new homes under 3,000 sq. ft. Our designs can range from traditional Mediterranean to ultra modern.  Our specialty is creating designs for our clients that exactly match their design goals and lifestyles.